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C# Programming Language

C# or CSharp was first introduced in 2002 by Microsoft, one of the largest tech companies in the world, and it is one of the most popular programming languages since then. It was developed based on C and C++ languages, and have some similarities with them. C# can be said to be a better, modern version of those languages. It is an object-oriented language, and works on dotnet (.NET) framework which takes care of the low-level issues such as memory management. There are some similarities between C# and Java languages as well.

Use Areas and Popularity

C# is very popular among developers today and used at virtually  every field of software development. The biggest reason for this is probably that it is constantly developed, supported, and backed by Microsoft. Many computers use Windows as the operating system. As a result, many enterprises develop software for Windows platform naturally, and this makes C# the best option to develop applications as Windows is also a Microsoft product. Moreover, there are a lot of free libraries and tools for C# language, and many built-in features in Visual Studio, which is the integrated development platform or IDE used to develop C# applications. These features are especially useful when developing an enterprise application, and again, these features are constantly being developed further.

C# is not only used for enterprise applications, but also for web development, mobile applications, desktop applications, service and micro-service development, game development, machine learning and artificial intelligence or AI, internet of things or IOT, and even embedded systems. It is literally for everything.

Code Generation with C#

C# is a mature language with a huge community, tons of learning documents, and a lot of great tools to make it easier to code with it. This makes C# a great option for developers to learn as well. Among the tools which make using C# easier, faster, and more comfortable is Zontroy Source Code Generator which is a C# Code Generator as well. As many of the developers are well aware, there are repetitive tasks to do in almost every software project. You may need to write the same or very similar lines of code for different classes, for example. These kinds of repetitive tasks consumes a significant amount of time in general, and makes the developing process less fun. With Zontroy, it is easy to overcome this problem, and be more productive. You can download Zontroy free now, and start to generate code in C# in no time!

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