Delivery and Returns - Zontroy

Delivery and Returns

After purchasing a Zontroy product, a license code is generated for you. The license code produced specifically for the purchase you have made will be sent to your e-mail address within 1 day at the latest. At the same time, the download link of the product you purchased is activated in your customer account. You have to download the application and install it on your computer. Activate your product by entering the license code sent to your e-mail address on the license screen that will appear when you open the application. In this way, you can use the product you purchased.
You can return Zontroy products within a 48-hour-period after the purchase. In such a case, the licence of the returned product will be deactivated and you will be fully refunded. We will act immediately in such a case, but note that there may be some delay in this process due to other factors. If we suspect abusive behaviour related to our return policy we reserve the right to limit the users we suspect from returning the products they purchased.