Version - Zontroy


  • zg-notLast and zg-notFirst built-in functions added
  • zg-tripleDots and other zg-triple characters added
  • Several bugs fixed

Download Zontroy Free 2.2.3 here

Download Zontroy Pro 2.2.3 here

  • Package name generation added
  • Data Type Converter updated
  • Performance improvements

Download Zontroy Free 2.2.2 here

Download Zontroy Pro 2.2.2 here

  • Minor performance improvements made
  • Pro Version published

Download Zontroy Free 2.2.1 here

Download Zontroy Pro 2.2.1 here

  • referencedEntity property is added to field
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Zontroy Language syntax improved
  • Generation based on PostgreSQL is now available
  • Generation based on Entity Classes is now available
  • Entity Token Definator menu added
  • Built-in Functions added
  • Console application added
  • Generation Mode added

  • Extra property count increased to nine

  • Minor improvements done
  • Several bugs fixed

Download this version here

  • Data type conversion menu added

  • Multiple entity selection on Entity Window is now available
  • Multiple file and folder selection on Project Window is now available
  • Files on Project Window can now be opened in Windows Explorer through right click menu
  • Select Similar feature is now available on both Entity Window and Project Window
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Minor improvements done
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Several bugs fixed