What is Zontroy?


Zontroy is a computer program and a software development tool used for source code generation.


Background Information

Source code is what makes a computer program essentially and it is normally produced by developer(s) manually. However, there are tools to make this process easier and faster such as frameworks. A framework, as the name suggests, provide a framework for developers, which contains pre-written and well-working code parts that can be used as a part of source code for very common procedures in different projects. Developers use frameworks as a code template and fill in the empty parts with their code. Since these frameworks provide almost the same code which otherwise is written by developers manually, it provides great benefit and efficiency. Today, a lot of frameworks are available for different kind of projects. However, this is not the only way to make the development process more efficient. Another and a rather new way to do so is using source code generation tools. These tools are gaining popularity as they take the level of efficiency achieved with the use of frameworks one step further. These tools provide a way to produce similar parts of the source code at once whereas frameworks provide pre-written code which is used as a part of the source code. Using these tools and frameworks together makes the development process a lot more efficient than before. We believe that these tools are going to be an essential part for software development process like the use of frameworks and even become more common in near future. This incoming trend and popularity is probably going to result in a new software development paradigm which we name as Generation Oriented Programming, GOP in short. As Zontroy Team, we aim to be pioneers towards this paradigm and revolutionize software development even further through automation.


Working Principles

For most software projects, developers use a database, a working environment such as IDEs, their source code which they write by using programming languages, and other tools helping to produce source code efficiently. Zontroy is in this final category and works together with the other components. What it does is basically producing the repeating parts in the source code at once. It doesn’t simply copy and paste the same code however. It produces customized code for any entity in the database chosen by the developer. It has its own simple programming language for this purpose.

In order to generate source code with Zontroy, the first step for developers is to choose for which entities they want to produce their code. They can do this in main window of Zontroy easily after starting a project. The second step is to create an empty Zontroy file under their project folder which is also seen in main window of Zontroy. Zontroy files (zsif, zref, and ziref) are specifically made for Zontroy and they provide different options for generation. zsif stands for Zontroy Single File and it is used to produce a piece of code multiple times in a single file. zref stands for Zontroy Repeating File and it is used to produce a file multiple times. ziref stands for Zontroy Inner Repeating File and it is used to produce a file and the folder containing that file together multiple times. As the third step, developers write their code they want to produce for chosen entities. By using Zontroy programming language, they specify which parts of the code is going to be customized according to each entity. After this comes the final step which is to generate code. This is done simply by clicking generate button.



Zontroy is one of the very easy-to-use and user-friendly tools. It is very easy to learn how to use Zontroy and we believe everyone interested in programming from beginners to professionals can benefit from Zontroy. It works together with other development tools and independently of them at the same time. It has its own interface and you can open multiple Zontroy windows which means you can start or shut down Zontroy freely at any time indepently of other development tools or platforms, you can work on multiple Zontroy projects at the same time, and an error or a crash regarding other tools won’t effect Zontroy.

You can see your database, your project folders and files, and you can use a built-in code editor on Zontroy. Zontroy doesn’t mess with your database, doesn’t add anything to it or delete anything from it. Every piece of code you generate will be under your project folders in the location you specify.

Zontroy is compatible with all programming languages (Java, C, C++, Python, C#, Visual Basic .NET, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby etc.), most common database types (Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL), and all working environments. This provides great flexibility and freedom for developers. They can write their source code in any programming language they want, they can work with any database, and they can use any working environment they like.

There is also no inconvenincy to use frameworks while working with Zontroy. Moreover, Zontroy has a marketplace where you can find free or paid templates which are basically frameworks written in Zontroy Programming Language. You can use these Zontroy templates in your Zontroy projects. Combined with the power of generation, these additional tools increase the efficiency of development process greatly. The marketplace is growing continually, and you can also write Zontroy templates which you can provide for free or sell on the marketplace.

Finally, you can download and start using Zontroy now! The free version of Zontroy is available to everyone and will always be free.



As Zontroy team, we believe that Zontroy will be in every developers’ toolbox. We passionately and continually work to make this a reality.

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